AERE honors the outstanding contributions to the field of environmental and resource economics with four annual awards.  We invite you to learn more about each award, as well as current and past reciepients below.

AERE Fellows

In 2005, the AERE Fellows program was instituted to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the profession of environmental and resource economics.  Nominate someone for AERE Fellow >>

2015 AERE Fellows


Edward B. Barbier                                      Carlo Carraro

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Publication of Enduring Quality

Each year since 1989, AERE has recognized works that are of seminal nature and with enduring value in environmental and resource economics. Place and type of publication are unrestricted for the AERE Publication of Enduring Quality (PEQ) award.  Nomination Instructions >>

  2015 PEQ Award

Scott Barrett,
“Self-Enforcing International Environmental Agreements,”
Oxford Economic Papers
Volume 46, October 1994, pp. 878-894.


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The Ralph C. d’Arge and Allen V. Kneese Award for Outstanding Publication in the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Each year, AERE selects an outstanding research paper published in the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists during the calendar year.

  2015 Outstanding Publication in JAERE


Tomás Rau, Sergio Urzúa, and Loreto Reyes
“Early Exposure to Hazardous Waste and Academic Achievement:
Evidence from a Case of Environmental Negligence”,
JAERE, Volume 2, Issue 4, 2015.    

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Wallace E. Oates Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

The Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award was initiated in 2013 and first awarded in 2014.  Nominated dissertations are judged by a panel of AERE members who emphasize in their deliberations the originality of the research, quality of implementation, expositional clarity, and intellectual and practical significance of research findings.  Donate to the Oates Fund that supports this award, or nominate a student for the award.

  2015 Outstanding Dissertation Award

Casey Wichman,
Information and Environmental Policy 
University of Maryland, College Park, 2015.

The dissertation abstract will be published in
the Journal of the Association of Environmental
and Resource Economists
 (JAERE) in 2017.

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Special Awards

Distinguished Service Award

2007:  Marilyn M. Voigt was given special recognition for her 20 years of dedicated service to AERE—first as Executive Secretary and now as Executive Director. Her contributions to AERE have been innumerable during this time, and her depth of knowledge regarding AERE's organizational structure continues to provide the backbone for all of AERE's activities and functions.

2006 Petry Prize for the Economics of Climate Change

Richard Newell and William Pizer for their paper “Discounting the Distant Future: How Much Do Uncertain Rates Increase Valuations?” published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management in July 2003.