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For information about AERE membership and mailing labels, journal subscriptions, the annual luncheon or AERE Summer Conference registrations, and postings or comments regarding the web page, please contact:

AERE Membership Office

Future Field Solutions

Lynn Van Norstrand
13006 Peaceful Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Ph: 202-559-8998

Fax : 202-559-8998 *

* Please note that the phone and fax line are indeed the same number.

Please send other general inquires, announcements for AERE members, or comments/questions about the AERE Newsletter to Marilyn Voigt:

AERE Business Office
Marilyn M. Voigt
1616 P Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
Ph: 202-328-5125
Fax: 202-939-3460