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2021 Summer Conference Organizing Committee
David Kelly, University of Miami
Christopher Parmeter, University of Miami 

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 About Past AERE Conferences & Workshops

AERE has hosted a summer meeting or conference for over 30 years.  Learn more about our past workshops and conferences below.

Past Summer Conferences

Beginning in 2011, AERE began hosting an annual summer conference.  Conferences are held each year, not including years in which AERE is sponsoring the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists.  Below you will find links to the programs of past conferences.

2020: Virtual

2019: Incline Village, Nevada

2014: The 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2016: Breckenridge, Colorado

2015: San Diego, California

2014: The 5th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists was held in Istanbul, Turkey

2013: Banff, Alberta, Canada

2012: Asheville, North Carolina

2011: Seattle, Washington

AERE Summer Workshop Series  

Prior to beginning the Summer Conference series in 2011, AERE hosted an annual Summer Workshop that focused on a specific topic in a small-meeting atmosphere.  The first AERE Summer Workshop was held in 1985 in Boulder, Colorado.  The last Summer Workshop was fittingly held at Resources for the Future in June 2009—the organization that helped launch AERE thirty years earlier in 1979.

Topics of the final seven workshops are listed below.

2009: Energy and the Environment
2008: Health and the Environment
2007: Valuation and Incentives for Ecosystem Services
2005: Natural Resources at Risk

2004: Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy
2003: Spatial Theory, Modeling, and Econometrics in Environmental and Resource Economics
2001: Assessing and Managing Environmental and Public Health Risks