AERE Fellows

In 2005, the AERE Fellows program was instituted to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of the profession of environmental and resource economics.  Six Fellows were chosen in each of the first three years, and up to three Fellows may be inducted each year thereafter.  Candidates must be living at the time of nomination.  Nomination instructions may be found here.

2019 Fellows

Vic Adamowicz

Scott Barrett

2018 Fellows

Kevin Boyle

Michael Greenstone

Karen L. Palmer

2017 Fellows

Partha Dasgupta

Albert McGartland

2016: Due to a change in the timing of AERE's award ceremonies, there were no Fellows inducted for the calendar year 2016.

2015 Fellows

Edward Barbier

Carlo Cararro

2014 Fellows

Don Fullerton

Catherine L. Kling

2013 Fellows

Joseph A. Herriges

Jason Shogren

2012 Fellows

Lawrence H. Goulder

John B. Loomis

Robert Pindyck

2011 Fellows

Trudy Ann Cameron

William D. Nordhaus

James Wilen

2010 Fellows

Alan J. Krupnick

Stephen Polasky

Martin L. Weitzman

2009 Fellows

Richard T. Carson

Charles D. Kolstad

Robert N. Stavins

2008 Fellows

Thomas D. Crocker

A. Myrick Freeman III

Alan Randall

2007 Fellows

Daniel W. Bromley

Gardner Brown

Charles W. Howe

Kenneth E. McConnell

Kathleen Segerson

David Zilberman

2006 Fellows

Richard C. Bishop

Nancy E. Bockstael

Ronald G. Cummings

Anthony C. Fisher

Geoffrey M. Heal

Clifford S. Russell

2005 (Inaugural) Fellows

Maureen L. Cropper

Michael Hanemann

Karl-Göran Mäler

Wally Oates

V. Kerry Smith

Tom Tietenberg