Volunteers are AERE's most precious resource, lending their time and expertise to help the association, and the profession, advance. AERE has volunteer opportunities to suit every interest and availability level, including service on the Board of Directors. Share your interest>>

2020-2021 Committees

Nominating Committee (Responsible for assembling a slate of candidates to stand for election as Officers and Board Members and for filling open committee slots)

  • Chair: John Whitehead, AERE Vice President
  • Xiang Bi, University of Florida
  • Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University
  • Jake Hochard, East Carolina University
  • Dan Lew, National Marine Fisheries Service


Oates Dissertation Award Committee (Responsible for selecting the winner of the Oates Dissertation Award annually)

  • Co-Chair: Antonio Bento, University of Southern California, expires 12/20
  • Co-Chair: Shanjun Li, Cornell University, expires 12/20
  • Gernot Wagner, New York University, expires 12/21
  • Jo Albers, University of Wyoming, expires 12/21
  • Lucija Muehlenbachs, University of Calgary, expires 12/22
  • Debra Israel, Indiana State University, expires 12/22


[email protected] Program Committee

  • Chair: Sathya Gopalakrishnan, The Ohio State University, expires 6/21
  • Zachary Brown, North Carolina State University, expires 6/22


[email protected] Program Committee

  • Chair: Erin Sills, North Carolina State University, expires 12/21
  • Hendrik Wolff, Simon Fraser, expires 12/22
  • Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Resources for the Future, expires 12/23


Publication of Enduring Quality (PEQ) Award Committee (Responsible for selecting the winner of the PEQ Award annually)

  • Chair: Steven Salant, University of Michigan, expires 6/21
  • Antung Liu, Indiana University, expires 6/22
  • Gerard Gaudet, University of Montreal, expires 6/23


Best JAERE Paper Award Committee (Responsible for selecting the winner of the Best JAERE Award annually)

  • JAERE Co-Editor: Jen Alix-Garcia, Oregon State University, expires 6/21
  • JAERE Co-Editor: Christian Vossler, University of Tennessee, expires 6/21
  • AERE member: Jay Shimshack, The University of Virginia, term: 7/18 to 6/21


AERE Sessions at Regional Meetings

  • [email protected]Jimena Gonzalez, Manhattan College
  • [email protected]Lea-Rachel Kosnik, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • [email protected]: John Whitehead, Appalachian State University
    • Jill Cavigila-Harris, Salisbury State University
    • Lynne Lewis, Bates College
    • Brian Vander Naald, Drake University
  • [email protected]Trudy Ann Cameron, University of Oregon                                         


Organizing Committee for 2021 AERE Summer Conference (Responsible for organizing the AERE Summer Conference)

  • Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future, AERE President
  • Daniel Phaneuf, University of Wisconsin, AERE Immediate Past President
  • John Whitehead, Appalachian State University, AERE Vice President
  • Margaret Walls, Resources for the Future, AERE Treasurer
  • Neha Khanna, Binghamton University, AERE Board Member
  • Ex Officio: David Kelly, University of Miami, and Chris Parmeter, University of Miami