AERE Scholars Program Resources

AERE Scholars Program Expectations

The mission of the AERE mentoring program is to engage a diverse group of early career environmental and natural resource economists in AERE while providing invaluable career guidance, skill development, and networking opportunities. We envision that as a result of this program AERE will exhibit substantially greater diversity and will help make economics a field that is respected both for its contributions to addressing the world's problems and for embracing an inclusive culture. This document outlines the parameters for how mentors and scholars can be expected to advance this mission and vision.

Mentoring Best Practices

After reviewing a number of resources, we identified the following commonly acknowledged best practices for mentors and scholars, then added input from the participants.

Tools for Meetings That Build Trust

This document outlines ice breakers and other activities that can be used to get to know your mentor/scholar and peer group better and help make these initial conversations easier.

Leadership Resources

Are you thinking of starting your own program?  Whether you are engaged in the AERE Scholars Program or exploring the idea of starting a similar program, the resources and tools on these pages can help you develop and implement a quality-based mentoring program. Resources include a leadership workshop sample agenda with activity materials.


These references and resources have been instrumental in designing the AERE Scholars Program and for guiding the mentors. The two Rockquemore Inside Higher Ed articles and the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence article on “Mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion” have been used to guide the mentoring pod discussions while the other have been used to develop program expectations and best practices.