Publication of Enduring Quality (PEQ)
Nomination Instructions

The AERE Board of Directors presents this annual award to authors/co-authors for a publication of enduring quality that appeared at least five years prior to the year of the award. Nominated works are to be evaluated on their seminal nature and enduring value. Place and type of publication are unrestricted but posthumous awards will not be given. Nominees may include individuals who are not members of AERE.

Evaluation of nominated works and final selection for the award will be undertaken by a committee chaired by an AERE member. Nomination packages should consist of (1) a cover letter, (2) a document supporting the nomination, and (3) the publication itself.  The supporting document (not to exceed three pages) should include quantitative as well as qualitative information describing the merits of the publication for this award (e.g., number of citations or copies printed). Nominations should be emailed to [email protected] to arrive no later than December 1 of each calendar year. Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged via email.

This is an important award for AERE and for the recipients. Please give serious consideration to nominating a publication.  Nominations that do not observe the submission requirements will not be considered.