Virtual Events

AERE periodically organizes virtual events typically held online via Zoom.


AERE@OSWEET is a supportive and constructive online forum where scholars—particularly graduate students, postdocs, early-career assistant professors, and scholars who identify as part of groups underrepresented in economics—share environmental and natural resource economics work. Each OSWEET takes place on a Friday from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. ET online via Zoom. Talks are short and sweet—three papers per session, with 14–minute presentations plus 5 minutes of friendly Q&A (no discussants), followed by an optional happy half-hour. Papers will not be circulated, and recording of any kind is not allowed. 

The next AERE @ OSWEET event is scheduled for Friday, May 3, 2024, from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. ET. Join us online via Zoom for three exciting talks on Resource Economics. 

  • Estimating the indirect costs of floods: Evidence from high-tide flooding Seunghoon Lee (Missouri)
  • Subsidizing technology adoption under treatment effect heterogeneity: The case of rainwater harvesting in Mexico City Javier Alejandro Lopez-Aguilar (Maryland)
  • Large-scale mining and local impacts: Evidence from Mongolia Odmaa Narantungalag (Denver)
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Graduate Student Professional Development Panel Series

Experienced scholars in the field share their wisdom and experiences in panel discussions with graduate students as the intended audience, though all are welcome. These conversations are intended to increase student exposure and uncover aspects of the hidden curriculum in navigating a career in environmental and resource economics. Attendance is not restricted to AERE members! AERE members, log in to view recordings or past panels. Non-member graduate students, please email a committee co-chair for access.


Scholars Advisory Board Online Events

The Scholars Advisory Board works to curate virtual events that bring the broader AERE community together. From interactive webinars to thought-provoking panel discussions, these events cater to a diverse range of interests within the AERE community, and are not just about learning, but fostering connections, sparking discussions, and driving innovation. AERE members, log in to view recordings or past panels.