AERE Scholars Program

The AERE Scholars Program is an ambitious effort to increase diversity in environmental and natural resource economics, help the newest members of our community succeed, and create an inclusive culture that encourages members to give back to the organization and field. AERE is interested in engaging broader constituencies (as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, institutional rank, research profile, career type and stage, among other dimensions of diversity). The one-year Scholars Program will include (1) a one-on-one mentorship between the scholar and a more established AERE member, (2) peer mentoring that is led by the scholars themselves, and (3) a one-day workshop on the “hidden curriculum”. In addition, all accepted scholars will receive $1,500/year for travel to the AERE annual meeting for the two years beginning and ending the program.

Eligibility/Application Deadlines

  • Mentees (Application Deadline: March 15)
Any early-career scholar in environmental or natural resource economics who is no more than five years post PhD can apply (including those in academic and non-academic positions and those finishing PhD programs in application year). Scholars must demonstrate a commitment to increasing diversity in economics, an interest in actively working to improve the culture in economics, and a desire to grow personally and professionally. The mentee application includes 13 questions, five of which are short essays to be answered in no more than 150 words:
      • Demographic information (Name, email, current position, year of PhD, academic field, gender, race/ethnicity, other aspects of diversity)
      • Professional aspirations
      • Current research, research interests, and/or professional activities
      • How and why you think this program will benefit you as well as how and why you will benefit this program
      • Contributions to date and/or plans for future contributions to increase diversity and improve the culture in economics
      • Your ideal mentor
The mentee application deadline is March 15. Applicants will be notified about program decisions on April 15. 
  • Mentors (Application Deadline: March 1)

Mentors must have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience and be AERE members. We expect mentors to be willing to commit time and energy to the mentoring process, share experiences and advice about the profession, and provide objective feedback. The mentor application includes 11 questions, two of which are short essays to be answered in no more than 150 words: 

      • Demographic information (Name, email, current position, year of PhD, academic field, gender, race/ethnicity, other relevant positions/experiences, past participation in a mentoring program as a mentor or mentee)
      • What you will bring to the program
      • How you will benefit from the program

The deadline for mentors to note intent is March 1.

The AERE mentoring program aims to engage a diverse group of early career environmental and natural resource economists in AERE while providing invaluable career guidance, skill development, and networking opportunities. 

We envision that as a result of this program AERE will exhibit substantially greater diversity and will help make economics a field that is respected both for its contributions to addressing the world's problems and for embracing an inclusive culture.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe a diverse community makes for a more robust and inclusive organization and fosters excellence in our core functions as environmental and natural resource economists. 
  2. We believe all members deserve respect and opportunity.
  3. We believe in the sharing of skills and knowledge among and between mentees, leadership and mentors.
  4. We do not believe in single-dimension ranking or using pedigree to proxy for research quality.